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HJK – Jaro 1-1

I could hug the world today. If I compare how it was to fight my way into professional football, Premier League or Champions League, this one is in many ways sweeter and in some ways a bigger achievement too. It is one thing to compete when at young age you are at the best physical condition of your life, but when you have been injured for years and then been abandoned by your previous club it requires a real miracle to come back to professional football. I am proud today to have done that victoriously.

I have been shown over the past two years the very worst of football. I would rather stick pins to my eyes than experience such horrid times again. First so many injuries, desperate times at treatment room, then contract and transfer battles, deceitful people, disrespectful people around the game… you are often on your own when things don’t go that well. There are suddenly not so many best friends, or agents who want to help you, even self-doubt enters the picture when setback after setback has to be swallowed. You meet all these muppets trying to be important and know everything about football, but there is absolutely nothing a player can say if he is not able to play. Bitter? Maybe a bit about the injuries. Would I like to send the picture with the trophy and game stats to all the Stefan’s and John’s out there? Absolutely not, I have and will keep my mouth shut. I know in football eventually people will be found out and that is not my judgment to make or their bad results a grave to dance at. I am just delighted that I am allowed to play football again… and just to keep up with my record in every club it has been winning football.

A lot of frustration came out of me today. Now it is time for joy. What a year it has been for us, my beloved HJK, the very team I started my football career, became Finnish Champions 2009 after seven years without the trophy. I feel there is more to come... what a challenge it is to us to aim for next season’s Champions League qualifications. After ageing quickly, i have become many years younger over the past two months.

I am not gonna lie… the team and also myself deserve a good celebration now so probably you won’t see any stories in couple of weeks here. Or let’s make it a month.

Congratulations HJK for being Finnish Champions 2009!

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