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Social network diary Jan-Feb/2010

is delighted that we just absolutely destroyed Swedish champions AIK... easy 2-1 victory, 3 red cards and a group brawl. Business as usual. Now a long bus trip back home.

is in tournament at seinajoki... and is thinking should he be sensible or play against old rivals gnaget tomorrow.

is delighted with a productive week and Finland's next qualification group!

is back home after close 2-1 defeat to Rubin Kazan. Great tournament but will not miss Moscow... the food in our hotel was a closest thing to Russian roulette

should have won today because the Tadjikistan champions didnt offer much else than different mustash styles but with 1-1 draw and after 3 games in 4 days we went solidly through from the group. Tomorrow could be a tall order for me to survive another game, though, and this starts to feel like Siberia with the not so elegant Russian cooking here.

0-0 draw against Azerbaijan champions today... bring on Tadzikistan champions on Tuesday so we go through from the group and play against another former soviet country that needs a spell check. Great success! Happy times!
There are way too many -stans and countries that need a spell check here. Azers were running like there was no tomorrow and in the end their legendary Kurban Kurbanov (guy has almost as many caps as Litti) also appeared on the pitch. But no Miklu, Gorat didnt play, although they were all disguised behind mustash, but there is a chance that their centre half could have been escaped Pilo -brother.

is happy how we just beat Kazakhstani champions 1-0 in Moscow... and no, Borat didnt play. Jaksimash.

is off to Moscow ridiculously early tomorrow morning for international tournament. Cant sleep, though, because scored with a perfect shot today from 35meters... so i guess keepers are safe again for next 33 years hahaa.
‎12 000 -henkinen halli ja legendaarinen Cosmos -hotelli, aika Venäjää tämä on mutta eipähän ainakaan näillä ruoilla pääse jabbathehutmaistumaan.

is not sure if it is a good start for week to go discussing sports every monday morning 7.45 at national TV. Well... sprint, jump and peep -test in few hours so got to move on and be sharp. Not to mention the respectful Finland Sports Gala in the evening.

had a productive first week of 9 training sessions, 8 meetings, 4 university tasks, 1 tight calf, ridiculous amount of coffee.... soon it will be either the world domination or burnout hahaa. Actually, i heard someone was resting at the 7th day so i might rent a movie and eat sushi today.

had a good first day of pre-season... yep, 2 sessions done 11 months ahead! Great

is in an hour 19pm (CET +2) at http://irc-galleria.net/community/3222982 answering questions live so if you have no life welcome to chat/comment, although probably needs some kind of free registering first to speak out there. Peace.

2009 started terribly but finished amazingly. I feel like 2010 is going to be the year for the World Domination! Great challenges, possibilities and experiences ahead... looking forward to it. May the force be with you too!

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