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Clean sheet

Crystal Palace - Huddersfield 0-0

There are days you can play good football. There are days you have to fight. And sometimes it is raining. When the stakes are high games varies. This was not a classic; it was a small fight. Somebody said that this game was a must win. I think only must was not to lose the game. We are still in the right side of the line in the table; Huddersfield is not.

Our goal was to keep a clean sheet. Which we guite easily did. We knew we are going to great enough chances. Which we quite easily did. We were not efficient, we were not lucky, we did not score. Dissapointetly we got only one point.

Anyways I think we are in the right track. We defend good as a team and create enough chances. If and when we continue like this the results will come. We make them to come. The most important thing is that we remain the confidence. Because if you dont believe what you are doing it does not work; if you dont believe in yourself, nobody else does. In the end of the season it is all about confidence. And we got it.

I had very defensive role and not much to do. I felt it was under control and could see us winning until the end. I am still learning the game and my team mates, I feel I can do much more.

Meanwhile I had my most creeping experience when I drove today from Selhurst Park to my hotel in Croydon. The driving is not easy in this city. To be honest I am lost in London. I must look like a real tourist when I try to find my ways and lines and read the map at the same time. Well I dont know much about London, I dont have an appartement and I look alike kind of lost, so tourist I am. However I am not a tourist in the field. There I know what I am doing.

By the way, if somebody has any tips about nice appartements I could buy or rent, you would be my hero.

This time I recommend

1. Restaurant Luigis at Beckenham
2. Being a tourist
3. Victor Hugo: Les Miserables

I do not recommend

1. House hunting
2. Being a tourist
3. Mitre footballs

What goes around comes around,


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