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Numbers and ratings

Newcastle – Crystal Palace 2-0
Stockport – Crystal Palace 0-1
Crystal Palace – Gillingham 3-1
Crystal Palace – Rotherham 2-0

It has been awhile since I last updated my site. It has also been awhile since we have had as good situation as now. I have no explanation for either of them, except awhile is not a number, you cannot always count on it.

Talking about numbers, in year 2001 I played in different levels 71 games (official training games included) with record 36 wins, 16 draws and 19 defeats. That is an average of 1,746 points of a game. Statistically this year has started with three wins, zero draws and one defeat. That is an average of 2,250 points per game. That would actually mean that if we continue a whole year with the same ratio we would be leading the Premier League at the end of December 2002.

This whole season our league average is 1,667 points a game. If 84 points would give automatic promotion, we would need 34 points from the remaining 16 games. That would require to win home, draw away plus beat Man City or Grimsby. Italians call this system Media Inglesa with the exception of Man City or Grimsby, which I took here only because otherwise the numbers did not match and I could not remember any other away games to come.

Most likely for the play offs, we need 8 wins and a draw, or 1,563 average a game. That has to be a minimal goal for this season. The goal is ofcourse to get an average of 3,000 points from every game.

These are all numbers and you cant play the game or the league based only on them. Numbers does not always tell the truth, or that truth is not the only truth. For example I thought we played one of our best games this season against Newcastle in FA Cup. Many numbers of that game indicated that we could have get a result out of it. We lost. However we proved again that we have the quality to compete against Premier League clubs.

I would give rating 8/10 to our performance against Newcastle. Against Stockport the game was rubbish. I would only give 3/10. But then again, our slogan says Winning is everything. Usually the result is not the most important thing; it is the only important thing. Newcastle result is bad 3/10 but Stockport result away with clean sheet is rated 8/10. I don’t care if everyone watching us from ITV changed to Eastenders even before half time. We won and got the highly needed points.

Last week our goal was to get nine points. We took it. Not convincingly, but all nine. And it is exactly these dodgy games and wins over difficult opponents that are crucial. I rather win with a bad game than entertain season after season in the Nationwide.

I give 10/10 to last week. And I give 9/10 to our chances this season. We beat three teams full of giants. Physically we managed 7/10. The pitch in Stockport will deserve 2/10, Selhurst Park 3/10. And I am being generous here. It should not be any excuse but as my old man used to say: "Good football is pretty hard to play in the potato fields". However the conditions are the same for both teams.

Anyways the life has not been just football. I watched my first episode of Eastenders and it is worth 3/10 with the exception of Trevors mental capacity 5/10.
Here are some of my other verdicts
- Ormondroyd cartoons 9/10
- My knowledge of cooking 4/10
- District line 6/10
- Sport Dimensions fitness training 9/10
- HP cd writer plus 2500 1/10
- Killroy Travels prices 8/10
- Killroy Travels customer service 3/10
- Updating website 2/10
- Penelope Cruz 8/10
- Nike Match Mercurial 8/10
- Stockmarkets 4/10

Well, this story isn’t worth more than 5/10 so better put the end to here,

The end.

Next week I am not going to include any numbers to my story because as a football player I actually have learned only some of the alphabetics, I cant all the numbers yet.

This time I recommend
1. Sport dimensions training center in Hammersmith
2. Good manners
3. Cafe Esplanad

I do not recommend
1. Numbers
2. Toshiba
3. Putting the end to the middle of the story


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