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Auf wiedersehen

We didn’t get promoted. I underachieved. In my time in Germany I played 11 competitive games for FC Kaiserslautern with a record: 6 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. Plus 10 official training games, these without a loss but who cares as they don’t give the few missing points to the league table. It was a painful season which I never really felt right about and all the hard work never managed to beat the frustration. However, reasons, excuses and details how all this happened are unimportant as in football one has to take responsibility of the outcome, so I will honor the club and its supporters by only acknowledging that I have been a part of this failure not to get promoted. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out so it is best for the both to part our ways. I wish the club and everyone a good future.


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