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Obama or me?

He is fresh. He is charismatic. And he can give a hell of a speech. USA needed a change. Obama has promised it. The phenomenon he is has already inspired people around the globe.
Change it will be. Most likely towards better since the predecessor didn’t put the standard high. Now it will be the time, though, to see what really is Obama’s politics and will he live up to the enormous expectations and challenges. After all no charisma, speech or brand can be better than what the real substance is. I hope and believe he will be success. The world would really do with one now. Most of all, I am thrilled whenever such a charismatic person comes and inspires masses. Boom of hope can still be achieved with enough passion. Obama has the world listening now. That is a great chance and responsibility to have.
I wrote to my Facebook –profile (yes I have one, deal with it) that I want to congratulate Obama but remind that I am still going to dominate the world soon anyway. The reaction to this mission statement didn’t create a worldwide emotional wave inspiring masses, although someone commented it sarcastically. So my plan for world domination is a bit behind at the moment - is it because I iz white?

I recommend:
1. Plans for world domination
- Everyone should have one... but the world will be mine
2. Valio –hedelmäpommi yogurt
- First one in the shopping cart in Finland

I do not recommend:
1. Having dysfunctional battery and electric cable in lap top
- It is close to acrobatics to work with computer now and what a back pain

“Nearly everyone can stand adversity, but if you want to test someone’s character, give him power”
Akibe Lincoln

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