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Leaving DIF

No drama, no headlines… but unfortunately it has become already a while ago clear there will be no DIF anymore for me. I think so fundamentally differently about football, some past incidents and how club should function than some key people in the club at the moment so it is best for the both parties to move on. However, it is important to acknowledge that even if there were some issues (all along during the past year or so) that we couldn’t get over with still the professionalism and dedication for the club has been there and surely crystal clear for everyone who might have visited Kaknas at any day.
I want thank the fantastic supporters, players and good people in DIF for amazing times and support I have got from you throughout my time in Stockholm… on the pitch all memories from DIF are extremely victorious and special to me. It is a very special club with enormous potential, and I will Sjung för gamla Djurgår´n from elsewhere now.
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May the Force Be With You,

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