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Social network diary March-May/2010

is very happy and thankful for the reception he got yesterday from the crowd, and obviously about the convincing victory in a derby game. In action tomorrow again.

time to get back to the business and top of the league today!

recommends trying www.sofanatics.com while watching Champions League final today!

Amazing day so far!!! Dif knuser lätt Gnager i derby, and Palace shows great heart in an unbelievable thriller and survives. Amazing Glad all Over! Grattis DIF! So happy.. now we just got to go top of the league and it is almost a perfect day.

today is a massive day... i know we will go top of the league but even more importantly Palace is fighting for survival and dif on a derby game... big things require big results. I am following and living it with you all, and today, may the force be with you!

is currently liking very much football, Samsung School of Rock and morning coffees in beautiful Helsinki spring. To balance these the school motivation and parking attendants are showing middle finger temporarily. Go Barca tonight!

feels like Johnny Drama of football.

is going Barcelona for Easter... trying to become more Xavi before the season starts

shit happens (sometimes also concretely because of the Norovirus), but dont care about the weather forecast anymore because i have decided that spring starts from now!

now on sub tv my cousin is getting married... the most respectful and inspiring people there can be.
I thought the best part was Sampo's self composed, played and sang wedding walz to which they had made an amazing wheel chair coreography. Their life really shows that regardless of the cards given people who have enough will power and courage can even live happier, more meaningful and fulfilling life than we others who are trapped with our insignificant matters and daily stress. Respect for Sampo and Saila, you deserve all the happiness in the world.

is at training camp in Marbella... beat 2-0 armenian champions and form is getting better. Now watching spanish tv -shop, yep it is an exciting life!

would have really wanted to be today in Nike Master Class with the future of Finnish football, but in professional life things change and player has to adjust... so in training camp.

did really well in today's physical tests. Tomorrow is a shooting for tv commercial where apparently they have hired also a look-a-like for me... boris johsson is running london, singer from offspring having gigs so i guess that leaves only jabba the hut available.

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